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About Us

Welcome to Lavington Kindergarten School, located in the prestigious suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. At Lavington Kindergarten, we realize that choosing your child’s school is a very important decision.


 We endeavour to make your child’s start at school enjoyable and secure. Our aim is to provide a happy and stimulating environment in which children enjoy learning and are encouraged to do their best.

Our priority is that all children develop a confidence and belief in themselves and their abilities: and a pride in their achievements.

We strive to have a close, co-operative relationship between home and school.

Lavington Kindergarten

Happiness through Learning  


Lavington Kindergarten aims to be the leader in early childhood education, providing a safe, nurturing and affordable education of the highest level of quality, encouraging the all round development of the individual child.


We endeavor to be the market leader in the provision of a sound educational foundation for early childhood years. We aim to give our children, by the end of the Kindergarten years, the confidence and self-esteem and perseverance they need to achieve.

Provide a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.

  • Develop lifelong relationships, create family solutions, and enhance the quality of life for our families.
  • Provide a fun, challenging work environment that fosters teamwork, inspires professional excellence, and encourages contribution by all team members.