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Our ethos is “the child comes first” . We aim to integrate children and families from different cultural and social backgrounds, so that our school community reflects the unique diversity of the Kenyan society. We celebrate the individuality of the individual, whist creating a platform for tolerance and understanding among different cultures and religions.

Learning through play

The importance of play in the education of young children is universally appreciated. Play is the natural way in which children learn. It is one of the most effective kinds of learning. We use play as an educational tool in a direct way through the use of games, puzzles and simple problem solving activities.

Play is a very serious and important activity in the life of a young child as it provides the foundation for social life, creativity and flexibility. Playgroup class is based on both structured and free play and provides for a rich and stimulating experience. As children progress to different classes, we introduce our core curriculum whilst keeping our principle of child-centered learning at all times.  We respect the essential nature of childhood, enabling each child to develop their inherent capabilities and self-confidence in a caring, child-sensitive and structured rich environment. As we are a kindergarten, we use many of Fredrick Freobel teachings, but are not bound by them. Our core curriculum is the British National Curriculum, but because our children go everywhere ( to British National Curriculum  Prep Schools, American System Schools, French School, German School, Swedish School as well as Kenyan 8 4 4 National Schools and overseas schools) our curriculum is modified to provide a very good basic foundation that encompasses and provides for our children to fit in and excel in which ever school system they progress to. Children develop rapidly during this time: physically, intellectually, linguistically, emotionally and socially. We develop key learning areas such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence, self-confidence, learning to work together and co-operate with other children. Our children graduate from our school with the belief and confidence of knowing,:-“I can do”.