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Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities provide a very valuable means for an all around education for your child. The child will discover and develop any hidden or latent talents during these specialized classes. Most activities take place during the 10:30 a.m. break time. Each student has the option of enrolling in these classes. There are additional fees for each course. Currently, Lavington Kindergarten is offering:

Ballet: Is a music and movement class focusing coordinating body movements and putting them in time with the music. Young children are just developing intentional focused body movements. Recommended age is for boys and girls 2 ½ and above. ballet
Horse Back Riding: Our aim is to get the children comfortable with a horse, riding on it in a slow and controlled environment. Recommended for ages 18 months and above.  


Karate:  Is the martial art of self-defense. Karate emphasizes self-discipline, positive outlook and high moral attitude. It is recommended for children 3 ½ years old and above.  
Monkeynastix: A basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, coordination and body awareness.It is recommended for children 1 year and above.  
Music:  Private music lessons are offered in addition to the music lessons provided by the school. Students can take piano, etc. etc.  
Swimming:  Students are transported by bus over to the Methodist Guest House for swimming lessons. Skills that are taught: There are 8 swimming lessons per term offered during the afternoon break period. It is recommended for students 3 ½ years and above.  
Dance:  this teachers the children balance coordination and rhythm with a highly qualified choreographer.  
Skating: increases large motor skills, builds core muscles and increases balance and coordination.  
Jewelry: teaches hand eye cordination and sequencing patterns.  
Science: introduces children to the knowledge of science technology, engineering and mathematics.  
Drama: loved by the older children as it teaches them elocution, pronunciation, expression and builds their confidence.