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Lavington Kindergarten is by far and away the best school in this area. We had two of our own children, very different personality’s, go through the school, and both absolutely thrived.  

They made firm friends with two other children there, and all four have stayed friends for the last ten years. 

From Lavington they each got a strong foundation not only in how to learn, but how to interact & how to be great with each other & all those around them. 

All four have gone on to excel in many ways.  One the head boy at Braeburn, one onto a Leadership Scholars programme at Pembroke and now Hillcrest, one is excelling as a master sportsman at Hillcrest, and one secured an very generously assisted place at one of the UK’s leading boarding schools.

It speaks volumes of the kind of creativity, responsbility and confidence encouraged by the school. Over the years I have become an expert of sorts in what to look for in a school both here and in the UK. The success of the school is always driven by the commitment, love and thinking of the headteacher. Carol Heitemier’s commitment is extraordinary, her compassion rare, her experience invaluable.

Lavington may not have the biggest shiniest of facilities, but it is exactly the kind of school I would want to go if I could have my time over. In fact we have a third child starting there next term and we are so looking forward to her already bubbly character blossoming even more under Mrs Hetimeir’s nurturing and stimulating care.


Siobhain “Ginger” Wilson | Producer |  Ginger Ink Films Africa

“We love Lavington Kindergarten and will always have special memories of our time here with you. Our children Rohan and Aryana have had a great start with you and we feel they now have a solid foundation on which to build their character and future education.

Dr. Sanjay Gautama & Mrs. Sham Gautama

“Thanks very much for your kindness and professionalism – you have added a lot of happiness to our Kenyan adventure.”

Thomas Haaning Christiansen & Line Lausted

   “ —-and the great education that Lavington Kindergarten has provided both Mikhail and Adam. Nadeem and I have been taken aback by Adam’s tremendous progress while in your care.

Ena C. Omar June

 “ We want to stress our sincere appreciation of the professionalism of your school, its teachers and staff ….. Furthermore, Emma’s obvious eagerness to go to school every morning is a sign of her happiness there….”

Dr. Jean-Francois & Anne Donnard

“Simani has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Lavington Kindergarten.”

Ruth Regau

  “……to thank you for the wonderful care of my son.”

Dr. Michael Gboun

  “… our appreciation … them good learning foundation from 2000. I wish to report that Michael and Ngina are doing very well in their school work…. To thank you and your staff for the support, training and dedication towards the development of our children.”

Grace & Macharia Njeru

And from a child……..

“Dear Parents,

When I was a baby I was in Lavington Kindergarten.  I had alought (a lot) of fun there, but now I have grown older and I am in KIANDA.

I always come to visit when I am free. Because I love that school very much.

There are very nice teachers in LAVINGTON KINDERGARTEN. It is the best school in the world. I like it very very  very  much. They teach you discipline. To work hard.”

Adriene Agwaro {aged 7 years}